Welcome to the world’s first virtual international stamp show


BRought to you by The Philatelic Traders’ Society

Sponsored by SPINK

LIVE: 01 – 03 October 2020


Virtual Stampex, sponsored by SPINK, is the first ever virtual international stamp show. Bringing together internationally recognised, dealers, auction houses, societies and specialists from all over the globe, this 72 hour event will allow you and fellow philatelists from around the world to come together to buy, sell, learn, explore, network, showcase and enjoy a philatelic experience all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are new to the hobby or a seasoned philatelist, you’re sure to find something new and exciting at the show – welcome to the philatelic revolution. Welcome to Virtual Stampex


Booth Hall

With over 100 PTS Members and affiliated philatelic organisations and societies available live for you to chat to, come explore the Booth Hall to buy, sell, learn, chat about stamps, postal history and other philatelic goodies. See the full list of booths and activities taking place at stampexinternational.com/

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Stampex Talks

Visit the SPINK Auditorium to watch live and recorded webinars including Q&A sessions. More information about the talks and schedule can be found at www.stampexinternational.com

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Museum of Philately

Brought to you by David Feldman, the 2020 Stampex Court of Honour will celebrate some of the leading collections in the world. Get ready to be amazed.

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Virtual Stampex is live 24 hours a day from the 1st–3rd October (UTC-8/GMT-8).
London: Open 08:00 on 1st Oct, closes 07:59 on 4th Oct 
New York: Open 04:00 on 1st Oct, closes 03:59 on 4th Oct
Los Angeles: Open 01:00 on 1st Oct, closes 00:59 on 4th Oct
Hong Kong: Open 16:00 on 1st Oct, closes 15:59 on 4th Oct
Sydney: Open 18:00 on 1st Oct, closes 17:59 on 4th Oct

Whilst the live chat will no longer be available, Virtual Stampex remains open for viewing booths, links to shops and documents until October 28th 2020.